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we change, we fuck up , we grow up, we love, we hurt, we are teenagers, we are still learning... everyday is a new adventure
won the sperm race back in 95' and no fucks given since then
live for today is the motto


A gift for my faithful follower :)

i love this <3

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My optimism has gotten me this far in life. Just because I haven’t had a true struggle in my life, does not make me any less appreciative for the life I have. What may be a struggle is seen as a life lesson/experience in my life. Yes, everyone has bad moments in their life, but you don’t let those…

this is beautiful <3 iam proud of you 


"I believe morality has been socially constructed in contemporary times but there still seems to be a greater meaning to this word. It as though in reality, it wouldn’t matter if "morals" weren’t socially constructed. It feels natural to feel pain, sorrow, melancholy, pity, happiness, …etc., not…